Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ra whakanutunga 7/7/16

Kia ora everyone

Ko tenei te ra whakamutunga o te kura wahanga 2.

This is the last day of our school term 2.

Today I am having a great day because we are having a shared lunch and,playing on our chrome books, and watching movies.

Our shared lunch looks so yum there,was a lot of cookies and a lot chips and a lot,of popcorn and,a lot of cake.One thing I learnt this term is reading in Maori. Even we won a kareoke we came a tie with,Thalia's group we,both got ten out of ten.

Friday, 1 July 2016

First blog

Hi my name is Kahurangi and this is my first blog.I am a  year 4 student at Kaikohe west school  and I am

going to tell you things about myself.

My favourite game is master if you don't know what master is it is a game that one,person is master and anther person shoots and if you get it in the,hoop then you are master and you try,and get everyone out and then you get a golden rule.

My favourite Teacher is whaea mary  she is nice and great and my room number is 12.