Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ra whakanutunga 7/7/16

Kia ora everyone

Ko tenei te ra whakamutunga o te kura wahanga 2.

This is the last day of our school term 2.

Today I am having a great day because we are having a shared lunch and,playing on our chrome books, and watching movies.

Our shared lunch looks so yum there,was a lot of cookies and a lot chips and a lot,of popcorn and,a lot of cake.One thing I learnt this term is reading in Maori. Even we won a kareoke we came a tie with,Thalia's group we,both got ten out of ten.


  1. ka pai to mahi tino nui to mahi do you like juju on that beat and do you like musically.

  2. Kia ora Kahurangi, that is alot of writing but there is 2 and's in a sentence.