Thursday, 31 August 2017

Check out our Maori leaders,Rangitiara,2017 !!!!

Whainga ako:To understand the article and correct your spelling.

WHAT I FOUND CHANGELING:To copy and paste everything in the right places and organising my mahi. To find information about my whanau leader.It was hard to understand the article.The graffiti wall getting the words straight.

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT MAORI LEADERS:I liked the graffiti wall drawing because it was fun to draw the words.To find information about my whanau leader because i didn't need to do that much work.

HOW I DID MY GRAFFITI WALL: With GRAFFITER MOBILE try it out it is a amazing site for drawing and backrounds.You can pick multiple colours.

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  1. Hi Kahurangi, I really like that link from your blog to that graffiti website it's cool how you can draw on walls.But Next time make sure that you check your spelling and at least put the subject you copied and pasted into your own words. Other than that I think your blog posts are really good!.