Thursday, 9 August 2018

Nga Toi - Artwork with Akau Studios

Whainga ako: We are learning to design flags and to connect them to ourselves.

On Monday Akau Studios came to our school and we did some awesome art.There was blob art with water colour paint.It was very creative and wacky.We had three each on one table and for our water colours our colours were Black,Purple and Blue.We just grabbed our paint brush and just splashed it on to the paper.It was really creative and I loved it.Then we were doing this art game with Matua Mon.He handed us some paper and a dice.We had to draw something and you had to let the dice decide for you.After that we got given this Pepeha Sheet and we had to draw and colour in Maunga's,Awa's,Waka's and Marae's. We also had some little arrows down the bottom and we had to put what personality's we have and the personality's that we put in the little arrows we had to draw it like that.For and example if you have a weird personality you would have to draw a weird Maunga if you had a happy personality you have to draw a happy Maunga.

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  1. I think this is very fun and I hope we do this at our school. Because it sounds so fun amazing and wacky. What I would be making is a waka because it sounds cool and I am used to waka.